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July 17 2023, David R Brown

Polymer distributor and compounder, Hromatka Group completes coverage of Italian market

The Hromatka Group has extended its European network of local distribution companies to the plastics sector in southern Italy with the acquisition of the family-owned business Sotac Tecnopolimeri Srl from the Pigini family. The company will operate as an independent company, under the umbrella of the Hromatka Group, and all the management and employees will be continuing in their current roles.

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Sotac Tecnopolimeri is specialized in the marketing and distribution of technopolymers such as polyamides, ABS, PBT, polycarbonate, PC/ABS, PPO, PPS, PEI, and PEEK from renowned manufacturers such as Borealis, Cossa Polimeri, Hyundai, Kolon, Radici and Vamptech. The goal of the Pigini family, which has managed Sotac Tecnopolimeri for over 50 years, has always been to be the number one in satisfying the different needs of its customers through reliability, quality of materials, security of supplies, broad product portfolio and the ability to provide adequate technical advice to the customer base.

The addition of Sotac not only expands the Hromatka Group's presence in the Italian market, which has been served in the north by Guzman Polymers since 2020, but also introduces new suppliers into the Group's product portfolio. Sotac also benefits from an expansion of its product range, including products from compounder SAX Polimeri, another Hromatka Group company. Sotac is exclusively a distributor and does not have its own compounding capacities.

In 2022, Sotac reported revenues of around EUR 20 million. The company has 18 employees.

About Hromatka Group
The Hromatka Group, headquartered in Austria was founded in 1969. The company is a family owned business led by its founder Hans Hromatka and his son Alexander, and has companies in 24 countries across Europe. Hromatka's thermoplastics distribution portfolio, which includes polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, ABS, PBT, polycarbonate, PC/ABS, PPO, PPS, PEI and PEEK, is complemented by its 'SAX' line of polymer compounds which are manufactured in two factories. The Hromatka Group comprises several distributors and compounders including: Plastoplan (Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Solvenia, UK), Grasslin (Germany), Lenor Plastics (Switzerland), Acetra (Bulgaria, France, Romania), Guzman (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey) and Sax Polymers (Austria, Switzerland). In 2022 Group sales were around EUR 720 million.

Source(s): Hromatka Group Press Release

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