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Adverting Opportunities on the Directory

Since 2006, we have developed the World Chemical Distributor Directory and it has grown to become the leading resource on the Web for information on chemical distributors and delivers a wide range of benefits and features to our clients, advertisers and users.

Our Directory and newsletter provide targeted promotional platforms allowing advertisers to reach out to chemical distributors, chemical producers, global consultancies and investors with an interest the global chemical distribution industry.

Website Banner Advertising

Banner advertising with the World Chemical Distributor Directory provides a cost-effective and flexible way to reach a highly targeted audience of business professionals in the chemical distribution industry. Target chemical distributors, producers and 3rd parties with an interest in chemical distribution and the chemical supply chain. With up to 70,000 visitors to our website each year and over 1/2 million page views per annum, with users from all parts of the world, you can be sure that important prospects and potential customers will see your banner ad. Over half our visitors are from are from emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and the MEA (Middle east Africa).

Homepage Adverts
Banner adverts appear just above the top of the content on the homepage. Please enquire about specific sizes available.

Directory Adverts
Banner adverts in the directory country pages, results and news pages are available above the top of the content or in spaces in the right hand column on those pages. Please enquire about specific sizes available.

E-Newsletter Advertising

In addition to banner adverts, we are also able to offer you an advertising platform through our quarterly newsletter to over 3,000 subscribers. Our E-newsletter is mailed out to subscribers who have signed up to receive information on the latest chemical distribution news. There are opportunities for both horizontal and verticals banners.


Pricing depends on advert position, size and the length of the campaign. Please contact us for a quote if you a specific campaign in mind. NB: Orders from UK-based organisations will incur VAT (sales tax) at 20%. Business customers in other EU countries should account for VAT themselves. Orders from outside the EU are not liable to VAT.