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May 5 2021, David R Brown

Leading French specialty ingredients distributor, Lavollée SA purchases SVPC

One week after having been awarded the ECOVADIS Platinum medal, LAVOLLEE has acquired the French distributor SVPC (Société Versaillaise de Produits Chimiques). SVPC operates both in France (SVPC) and Spain (SVPC-AKOD), working in the same fields as Lavollée, with a focus on water treatment, detergents, coatings and wood. Company revenues exceeded EUR 20M million in 2020 and it has a staff of 10 people.

The merger will be quick in order to improve efficiency and offer the best optimisation of our relationship to our partners

Hervé O. Lavollée
President of Lavollée Group

Hervé O. Lavollée, President, commented: “Our companies have known each other for decades and in the past, they have benefited from a number of shared resources such as a common sourcing office in China, common investment in regulatory matters, IT etc. The merger will be quick in order to improve efficiency and offer the best optimisation of our relationship to our partners.”

Jean-François Machard, former President of SVPC added: “The purchase of SVPC by a Family/independent Group, which benefits from a reputation of solidity, sustainability and professionalism on the market, is perfectly in line with our history and values”.

Both Lavollée and SVPC have been involved in the distribution of chemicals, minerals and natural ingredients for many years (60 and 80 years respectively) and the merger of the companies is expected to create an organisation that will benefit from numerous synergies. Post acquisition, the turnover of the combined group will be over EUR 80 million and will employ a team of around 50 people.

About Lavollée Group
Founded in 1963, Lavollée SA is a leading, independent player in the distribution of specialty ingredients in France for the coatings, plastics & rubber, lubricants, detergents as well as the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The food and flavours/fragrance (F&F) industries are served by two dedicated subsidiaries, Firmalis (food ingredients) and Sipa A.Ch.Berthier (F&F) respectively. The Lavollée Group is a member of LEL alliance (, a European network of independent distributors of chemicals, minerals, ingredients, natural and "green chemistry" products.

In 2020, Lavollée SA and Urai s.p.A., a member of the LEL alliance, acquired Pigm'Azur, a company dedicated to the development and production of natural pigments. In addition, Lavollée is a sharholder in Stevia Natura, a pioneering European company that extracts and purifies the natural sweetner, stevia.

Source(s): Lavollée Group Press Release

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