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September 6 2018, David R Brown

Indukern has acquired French ingredient company Diffusions Aromatiques SAS

Indukern, the Grupo Indukern company dedicated to the distribution of chemical products, has acquired the French company Diffusions Aromatiques SAS, whose core activity is the distribution of natural, organic and synthetic ingredients for the perfume, scent, cosmetic and aromatherapy industries.

This acquisition shores up the growth of our flavors and fragrances division in both products and markets

Daniel Díaz-Varela
General Manager Indukern

“This acquisition shores up the growth of our flavors and fragrances division in both products and markets, as it sees us take on Diffusions Aromatiques’ proprietary references and the third-party products it markets exclusively and also boosts our international presence in France and the rest of Europe,” said Indukern general manager Daniel Díaz-Varela.

Established in 2002, Diffusions Aromatiques SAS is headquartered in Saint Cezaire sur Siagne in the district of Grasse. The company has an annual turnover of EUR 16 million, with 79% of its sales being posted in France and 21% in other EU countries. The company currently has a staff of over 25 people all of whom will be fully integrated into the Indukern's flavors and fragrance division.

About Indukern
Founded in 1962 by José Luis Díaz-Varela, Indukern is part of Grupo Indukern that also includes the veterinary laboratory specialist, Calier and the pharmaceutical laboratory company, Kern Pharma. Indukern is headquartered in Spain and also operates subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Switzerland. The company 5 business divisions: animal nutrition, flavours and fragrances, food ingrdeients, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals and animal health. In 2017, Indukern achieved revenues of EUR 425 million and employed over 500 people worldwide.

Source(s): Indukern Press Release

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